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Does the brides bouquet have to have the same flowers as the wedding flowers or the bridesmaids flowers?

I'm getting married this summer and I am trying to decide what flowers I want...

Does the brides bouquet have to have the same flowers as the wedding flowers or the bridesmaids flowers?
You should have want you want.....and if it is not like the other who cares as long as your are happy. congrats.
Reply:Usually the bridesmaids' bouquet is a smaller version of the bride's.
Reply:Your stress can be too much - don't worry about the color of flowers - do what you want - I saw pics of a wedding wear nothing matched and it looked great together. They let the bridesmaids wear dresses they already had - the dresses fit - no money spent and everyone was comfortable
Reply:there's nothing written in stone on how it should be, but generally the bride has a mixture of flowers some same as the bridesmaids some different to stand out a little.

it's really your choice what you want.
Reply:You can do pretty much whatever you want for flowers. I do recommend that the size of the bouquet not be too big. It looks ridiculous when a petite girl is carrying a huge bouquet.
Reply:Yes, everything must match or else you risk the Old Biddy Wedding Police sweeping in and annuling your marriage right then and there.

Seriously, if you love matching, match away, but there is no rule or even major expectation that everything be identical. Most florists are great getting flowers together in a pleasing form. Personally I liked having my bouquet stand out a little, some of the same colors but in different flowers combined with some of the same flowers but in different colors compared to my bridesmaids. My sister had flowers in her's that didn't match anyone or anything else in the wedding, but they looked lovely with everything else.

Don't sweat the small stuff, hon, and trust me, the flowers are the small stuff.
Reply:You can do what you want - you are the bride.
Reply:I know nothing about flowers, so I just googled wedding flowers, looked at some arrangements, and decided I like roses. A lady at church did my flowers at cost. They were lovely. We went with all roses.
Reply:I didnt have the same flowers becaues it s your day and you should be unique.
Reply:do what ever you want, it is your wedding. Saying that my mother in law to be made all the flower bouquets and she made mine similar to the bridesmaids but a bigger bouquet and a little bit different arrangement of flowers to stand out.
Reply:Who cares!

It's your day

do what you want!!
Reply:No, you can have your bouquet how ever you want it and it doesn't have to match...unless you want it to.

My bouquet is going to match only in color to the rest of the girls in my party. At my friends wedding she had Calla Lillies that were colored and we had average white flowers. It's all up to you and the florist you choose to design flowers that are complementary to you and the style of your wedding.

I hope this helps. Congrats and Good Luck!!!
Reply:No not at all, in fact it should be different. What makes a beautiful bouquet are white roses, a center orchid, some ivy, maybe some color. But make your bouquet very different from the bridesmaids bouquets.
Reply:it sometimes looks better that way; but no, it's not a requirement.
Reply:It doesn't have to be, but if you decide to carry different flowers, they should coordinate with the rest of the wedding party!

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