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How many flowers in a bridal bouquet?

I am interested in making my own bouquets for my wedding. I am using roses and calla lillies. How many stems makes a good size bridal bouquet? How many for a bridesmaid? Thanks in advance!

How many flowers in a bridal bouquet?
Find a nice picture and eyeball it. Make sure it's bigger than the bridesmaids.
Reply:I think it's going to depend on your taste. I plan to do my own too. I love the breezy, hand-tied look, and I can save a lot of money going it on my own. I am using Gerbera daisies for my bridesmaids, and for those I plan to leave the stems lovely and long, so I would imagine 7-8 daisies per bouquet will work out fine, tied in ribbon and secured with a brooch. For my maid of honor I am going with pink gerberas and pink roses, so hers will be a little fuller, again tied with ribbon and a brooch. Mine will be all pink roses, so I figure about a dozen for mine, with greenery and ribbons.

I hope that helps!!
Reply:i've heard of 9 in the bridesmaid bouquet and about 15 in the brides bouquet. Try
Reply:The number of stems depends on the type of bouquet you will be making. I've been to wedding where the bride and the bridesmaids carried just one stem. And there are some cascading bouquets that have a large number of stems. There are so many books about making bouquets; they will tell you how many you need and how to make them. Keep in mind that the type of bouquets you want to make consider the type and style of your wedding, how elaborate the dresses are, your body size, and your budget.
Reply:As many as you and your bridesmaids can comfortably hold
Reply:It's the width- mine is 15" rose round... about 4 dozen.
Reply:The best way to judge is to start holding them together. I would suggest going to a florist and asking how many are in a normal bouquet. If you are using silk, then get some and make one and see. Always over order a few, just in case.
Reply:A typical bridal bouquet contains 25 stems of flowers. The size of the actual bouquet will depend on how large the roses and calla lillies you are using. I personally would recommend mini-callas - they come in a variety of colors and are absolutely stunning.

I carried a bouquet of calla and roses down the isle (25 stems total) and it was a good sized bouquet. For the bridesmaids, the florist used slightly smaller flowers to create smaller bouquets. You can always use less flowers (go with 15 stems) if you want a much smaller bouquet. If you send me your email, I can send you a picture of my bouquet.

Just a hint - always use odd numbers in your bouquets so you don't need to worry about symmetry.

Reply:go for 8 to 12 stems in the bridemaids bouquets.

go for 14 to 18 in the bride bouquet.
Reply:Normally the bridal bouquet is slightly larger and more dramatic than the bridesmaids'. If your dress is simple, be more elaborate with your flowers, but if your dress is fancy don't distract from it with too many flowers.
Reply:for a full bouquet of callas and roses about 10-12 inches in diameter you would probably need around 3 dozen roses and 2 dozen callas. Sounds like a lot but if you want it to look full, round and lush it takes a lot of densly packed flowers.
Reply:I've actually sat down and figured out how many I want for my bouquets as well and I am using White roses and Blue Dendrobium orchids. Now, calla lillies are a little larger in size so you may want to adjust this down if it looks to be too much, but I had decided on 6 roses and 3 stems of orchids for bridesmaids, 8 roses and 4 stems of orchids for my MOH and my throw away bouquet and then 10 roses and 5 stems of orchids for my bouquet.

As I said, calla lillies are much larger in size than Dendrobium orchids so you may want to adjust that slightly but there's a good place to start. Best of luck
Reply:Just look at pictures of bouquets. That's what I did for my wedding. I went to for alot of info, including pictures of bouquets. You can really do whatever you want. Just make sure your bouquet is the biggest and baddest in comparison to the bridesmaids. Maybe just have them carry 3-4 calla lillies tied together.
Reply:i used the same for my bouquet i had about 15 roses and abour 25 lillies the more the better for the bride!
Reply:there is about 6 in a bouquet

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