Monday, May 11, 2009

What is the meaning of carrying a bouquet of flowers for your wedding?

Is there a reason for this, or is it just because flowers are pretty? I never really thought about it before, and I'm just wondering because when I think about it, it seems strange, because there doesn't seem to be a purpose. Am I missing it? (And no offense to those who do carry flowers, just curious :) )

What is the meaning of carrying a bouquet of flowers for your wedding?
For centuries, flowers have stood for a variety of emotions and values. Roses for love, lilies for virtue and so on. In ancient marriages, the brides carried herbs beneath their veils to symbolize fidelity. Greek brides carried ivy as a symbol of never-ending love. Orange blossoms, (the world renowned wedding flower) were chosen by the Spaniards to represent happiness and fulfillment, because the orange tree flowers and bears fruit at the same time. During even earlier times of "primitive marriage," when the fear of demons was most prevalent, the brides carried stinking garlands of herbs and spices for the purpose of frightening off evil spirits.

Today, brides carry flowers in the color scheme of their wedding, bringing beauty and elegance as well as old world customs to their special day.
Reply:In general, they are used for weddings to symbolize fertility.

You can go in deeper than that if you want to find out which flowers symbolize what, as well as the colours of them.
Reply:It can mean fertility, but also back in the day when people didnt bathe too often they didnt smell very well so the bride would carry a bouqet to help cover and bad odor.
Reply:I seem to remember that it was originally a bunch of wheat. It was to symbolize having plenty to eat in your coming life.
Reply:It simbolized Fertility.

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