Monday, May 11, 2009

What can I carry down the aisle besides a bouquet of flowers?

I would like to do my wedding completely without flowers or plants, but my Mom thinks it would be really weird not to have a bridal bouquet. Can anybody think of a bouquet of something besides flowers that I could carry?

What can I carry down the aisle besides a bouquet of flowers?
just have someone walk you down the aisle. i guess it would look strange if you were by yourself and didn't have flowers. if you're with someone else though, NO ONE will notice if you don't have flowers, they'll be too busy looking at you.



Reply:A willow wreath, a parasol, a bible, a fancy purse.
Reply:What about an heirloom handkerchief, or purse that belonged to your grandmother? something elegent?
Reply:carry a bible and a special heirloom
Reply:I don't think you can have a wedding with no flowers or plants at all. you can downsize to save money, but I think it would be hard to decorate and stuff.

You could just walk down the aisle, hands at your sides, and look up and look happy and confident and everyone will forget the flowers. But as the "flower girls" why not have some girls (if theyre young this might work the best) toss little buds of lavendar at the ends of the aisle (not at the people!). It's probably less expensive than rose buds and it smells soothing and amazing.
Reply:.How about a picture or framed pictures of loved ones who are not here physically at your wedding but are spiritually
Reply:Do you not want any flowers because of the cost, or is there some other reason? Because you can only buy a bouquet for yourself if you're just trying to save money, and a buttoniere for your groom.

Otherwise you can use silk flowers (that's not going to save you money), a bible or rosary as someone mentioned, a handkerchief, or you could carry nothing. It's unorthodox, but it's not really a big deal.
Reply:If you are religious, you could carry a rosary. For a beach wedding you could carry a beautiful sea shell adorned with ribbons for decoration. Animal lovers, could carry their miniature dog. If you have a small child or infant you could carry her. You could carry 2 single roses and hand one to your mother and one to your MIL as you get to the alter so that you will not have a bouquet to mess with.

And my favorite, is to walk down the aisle with a smile on your face! Who says you have to have a bridal boquet? Instead, walk down the aisle with a smile and your arm around whomever is walking you down the aisle. People will not notice the flowers as much as they will the smile on your face.

It will not look bad either.
Reply:A candle, a pomander (it is still flowers but in a ball shape), you could also make one with crystals, rhinestones, or fake flowers., a small satin bag, a basket with whatever you want in it, a big colorful candy lollypop (the rainbow swirly ones), a scepter or wand (you know - fairy godmother wand).

if you are religious (%26amp; christian) you could carry a bible, or rosary beads.

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